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Frequently asked questions about

Continuous Professional Development


1. Why do I have to do CPD?

a. CPD is a requirement by law of all professionals and is written into the Quantity Surveying Profession Act 48 of 2000. Continual education is essential to keep you up-to-date of new advances in your profession.

2. I am a Candidate; do I have to submit CPD?

a. No, but many do to show their dedication to their profession.

3. I am 72 years old, seen it all, done it all, got 45-years’ experience in the profession, do I have still do CPD?

a. Yes, you are never too old to learn new things.

4. What is this 5-year cycle that you refer to?

a. The policy is set so that the Council can audit your compliance to CPD on a five year cyclical basis and act if you are non-compliant. It also enables one to accumulate hours in quiet years to use as a credit in very busy years.

5. When does my 5-year cycle start?

a. The annual CPD cycle is 1st January of a year, but the 5-year cycle for most PrQS’s is the 1st January 2008. If you are a recently registered PrQS, your 5-year cycle commences the 1st January the year after you were first registered.

6. What is the deadline for submission of my CPD submissions?

a. 31st January 2013

7. I sent through my summaries for the past few years, am I ok?

a. No. The summaries are just that, we require proof of the CPD undertaken and this requires it to be scanned and submitted electronically on-line as explained in Newsletter 20 and Newsletter 31.

8. I submitted my CPD certificates every year, what has happened to my records?

a. Your previously submitted CPD evidence were kept on file as a hard-copy/print-out. For the new record keeping system adopted, the Council has scanned every document and in the process of allocating these records to your profile. We have been busy with this mammoth task since July 2012 and should be complete mid-November 2012. Many registered persons have merely re-submitted their records themselves to ensure that they are compliant.

9. Will I receive a statement of my submissions done to-date?

a. The Council will issue CPD statement in early December 2012, but you can check your records on-line as explained in Newsletter 31.

10. What happens if I don’t submit any CPD?

a. Non-compliance to the Act can result in de-registration. In addition, the Council will not issue you with a letter of good standing which is a requirement for many tenders.

11. I am in trouble, I haven’t done any CPD – how can I remedy the problem?

a. The Council will condone that you accumulate all the CPD hours required in the last 2-months of this year. There isn’t enough time in the day to attend lectures and seminars, so we have various on-line suppliers that offer you the convenience of doing your CPD 24/7 on-line. See Newsletter 6 and Newsletter 22 for more details of these suppliers. In the past week, we have added additional free on-line material for you to read and be tested on on-line. Log-on to the Council website, go to CPD and select CPD ON-LINE.

12. Can I send through the certificates that I have on file?

a. Yes. Follow the instructions as laid out in Newsletter 20.

13. What happened to the CPD items that I have from 2006 and 2007?

a. These fall outside of the current cycle and are not valid.

14. CPD is a money making racket.

a. Knowledge is wealth and admittedly can be expensive depending on the supplier. However, on-line education is far less expensive and the Council has provided you access to free CPD education via the Acta Structilia publications distributed each year. Printed back-issues can be purchased from the Council at R50.00 per copy or accessed on-line from the University of the Free State or the Council’s on-line store.

15. Can I earn CPD hours from another professional body besides QS?

a. Yes. Knowledge from a sister Council/profession is also beneficial to your holistic body of knowledge. Provided the certificate is issued by an accredited training body, the SACQSP will accept this for your CPD body of knowledge.

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